Pot Roast

Recipe Name: Pot Roast

Temp: 350 Direct

Cook time: 2 hours(maybe a little longer depending on the size of the roast)

Instructions: Season your roast (I use Kinders Cali's blackened Rub)
Heat your grill up to 550 and sear like you would a steak.
In a dutch oven add 1 can beef broth and 1 can water.
Salt, pepper and I use 1 pkg. Lipton onion and mushroom soup mix.
When your roast is seared add to dutch oven and put on grill, bringing the temp down to 350.
After 1 1/2 hours add potatoes and carrots. Cook for 30 minutes till done.
Keep an eye on your broth as it will boil away doing this direct add more if needed. The broth boiling down will thicken to almost gravy like if you don't add to much more liquid.
I make gravy from the broth adding a little cornstarch and water.

Roy Feldt